About #OpenCIO & Florentin Albu

This blog is the home of #opencio and aims to spread the knowledge about current Information Technology and and Digital matters.

CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, and here is a good paper describing what this role does: “Clarifying the ambiguous role of the CIO” (by J. Peppard, C. Edwards and R. Lambert, Cranfield School of Management).

Paraphrasing a (mis-)attributed Einstein quote, the author of this blog likes to say that “If you can’t explain IT simply, you don’t understand IT well enough.”

Florentin Albu: Executive leadership of people, information and technology

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Profile photo of Florentin AlbuFlorentin Albu brings 20+ years experience of effective technology operations and transformation. He has an excellent track record of global service delivery, including infrastructure & networks, desktop services, and information security. He has managed in-house, offshore and outsourced teams ranging between 20 to 300 staff, budgets of £2M to £20M+. His particular expertise include cloud and digital innovation, project and stakeholder management, transformation and re-organizations of tech functions, business continuity planning and risk management.  He has a MSc in Management from Hult Ashridge Business School, and a BSc in Engineering from University Politehnica Bucharest.

Florentin has operated at senior management level since 2003. He is currently the Chief Information Officer with Ofgem – E-Serve (UK, renewable energy), and also the CEO and founder of Utility Computing Ltd., a boutique strategic tech consulting company.

Prior to this he has successfully served on a number of executive leadership roles with prestigious and global organisations such as Rothamsted Research (biotech/agri-tech, UK) the International Development Law Organization (legal sector, Netherlands), the United Nations (international affairs, Italy), EUMETSAT (space sector, Germany) and Amnesty International (international affairs, UK). Previously he held a number of technical positions with UNESCO, Cap Gemini and others.


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