About #OpenCIO & Florentin (Flo) Albu

This blog is the home of #opencio and aims to spread the knowledge about current Information Technology and and Digital matters.

CIO stands for Chief Information Officer, and here is a good paper describing what this role does: “Clarifying the ambiguous role of the CIO” (by J. Peppard, C. Edwards and R. Lambert, Cranfield School of Management).

Paraphrasing a (mis-)attributed Einstein quote, the author of this blog likes to say that “If you can’t explain IT simply, you don’t understand IT well enough.”

Florentin (Flo) Albu: Executive leadership of people, information and technology

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Profile photo of Florentin AlbuFlo Albu brings 20+ years experience of effective technology operations and transformation. He has an excellent track record of global service delivery, including infrastructure & networks, desktop services, and information security. He has managed in-house, offshore and outsourced teams ranging between 20 to 300 staff, budgets of £2M to £20M+. His particular expertise include cloud and digital innovation, project and stakeholder management, transformation and re-organizations of tech functions, business continuity planning and risk management.  He has a MSc in Management from Hult Ashridge Business School, and a BSc in Engineering from University Politehnica Bucharest. Flo Albu is a speaker and panelist on various digital topics.

Florentin has operated at senior management level since 2003. He is currently the Group Chief Digital Officer with Westcoast (UK, technology services), and also the CEO and founder of Utility Computing Ltd., a boutique strategic tech consulting company.

Prior to this he has successfully served on a number of executive leadership roles with prestigious and global organisations such as Ofgem (renewable energy, UK), Rothamsted Research (biotech/agri-tech, UK) the International Development Law Organization (legal sector, Netherlands), the United Nations (international affairs, Italy), EUMETSAT (space sector, Germany) and Amnesty International (international affairs, UK). Previously he held a number of technical positions with UNESCO, Cap Gemini and others.


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