Real Madrid & Microsoft: football and Business Intelligence

RealMadrid_Ra'ed QutenaWhat’s the link between football and digital transformation? Real Madrid announced back in November a strategic partnership with Microsoft, having in mind the digital transformation of the club.

Yesterday they have published an update, which shows that as with most digital transformation, this one focuses on the customers – that’s us, the fans – and it starts with data. The ambitious partnership looks at an evolution of the club’s data visualisation, making this a more immersive experience for the fans.

Access from any device (hopefully the Surface and Nokia gear in the video are not an indication of a platform lock-in) will be complemented by the ability to build statistics and comparisons between players and teams.

The notable point is Microsoft’s statement regarding the use of Office 365 Power BI (Business Intelligence) tool. This new cloud solution helped Microsoft achieve the “leader” title for agile BI in a Forrester ranking.

Watch the video here.

Further info re Power BI and Forrester here.

Photo published under Creative Commons by Raed qutena

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