IT chiefs on Blackberry vs iPhone

Here is an article showing the views of IT chiefs on Blackberry and iPhone, with the focus on the input methods, in ZDNet, by Andy McCue | May 30, 2008.

My position?

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Florentin Albu, ICT manager for the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), uses both an iPhone and a BlackBerry and also manages the provision of BlackBerry services.

He said: “While I agree the QWERTY keyboard has advantages, these advantages are linked to doing things the old fashioned way. The touchscreen in this context represents the future, as it is linked to interacting with information in new ways. PDAs with touch screens have been around for a while; it is just with the introduction of the iPhone that this technology has been truly integrated with the interface, to create a remarkable user experience.”

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