Encryption on its own could give a false sense of security

Here is an article on encryption, by Andy McCue in ZDNet, December 10, 2007 //  A number of CIOs and IT Directors give their views on this technology.

My position?

<begin quote>

Encryption on its own can give a false sense of security, according to Florentin Albu, ICT manager for the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT).

“However, when used in the context of an information-management [or] information-security framework, it can become an effective way to mitigate certain corporate-data risks. Even so, it would be just one piece of the jigsaw; you need to combine it with other technologies — authentication, authorisation, et cetera — and information-management practices — data classification, data handling, et cetera — in order to become effective,” Albu said.

<end quote>

Read the full article here:



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